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Insight Timer has 10 million meditators and 5,000 professional teachers. It allows people to discover and enjoy the largest library of guided meditations. Teachers who sign up can record, upload, and share their philosophies around the world through the app. In 2016 it was part of Time magazine's list of 50 best apps.

We looked at creating an tool for creators on the platform to better be able to produce content for their listeners.  I worked collaborativley with a team for research and then did design individually.


UX/Product Designer






12 Weeks

0.0 Overview

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This project is over the course of two classes in my masters program that focused on research and design.  We ran user interviews, documented in depth competitive analysis, and created/tested prototypes.  Through the process we uncovered the needs of teachers on the app and created a product we beleived addressed those needs.



Teachers on Insight Timer find it difficult to create content for insight timer because they have a hard time getting relevent feedback from listeners or their content does not pass the requirements Insight Timer sets for content uploads such as high resolution images.



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1.1 Competitor Analysis

Insight Timer currently sits at the top of a sea of competitors


Insight Timer unlike these however has massive amount of content that is posted for free on the app which is only made possible by Insight Timer acting as a platform for independent teachers to post rather than curating their own content like all other meditation apps. 

However the platform still needs to maintain a level of quality in which the teachers struggle to keep up with to create better content.  

In order to get a better sense of who we are designing for, early on we interviewed 16 people who fit our target profiles selected from a pool of 55 people who filled out our screener surveys. Of the selected, 8 participants were listeners and 8 were teachers.


Questions - Teacher Workflow 

  • Can you tell me about your process of creating digital meditation content? Audio set-up? – Get insight into the general day to day workflow of teachers on Insight Timer
  • Can you tell me about your last recording session? - Get specifics on problems that might have arose in a singular instance
  • Can you walk me through the last time you uploaded content to Insight Timer? – Understand painpoints that might come when interacting with the app itself.
  • How do user ratings help or hurt your content? – Trying to understand how listeners actually have an impact on the teachers
  • How often do you post? – Understanding of how often they might be encountering painpoints

Questions - Listener 

  • How do you choose which guided meditations to listen to? – Understand what is important to this persona
  • Can you tell me about the last time you meditated?  - Got us into the mindset of what causes them to use the app, how long, for what purpose
  • How do you find teachers/guides to follow/listen to? - Gives insight into how the listeners go about searching in the apps, what is important to them
  • When you're browsing, do ratings help or harm your decision to listen to a session?– Helps us understand the importance of user feedback.

1.2 Affinity Mapping

After interviews we watched the videos and tagged them, then spent multiple sessions sorting the data into an affinnity map in Figma


Insight: teachers enjoy feedback on their content however the app makes it difficult for teachers to engage their listeners outside of just receiving comments.  Insight Timer does not give Teachers the tools to create better content, only a desktop platform to upload to which can be confusing.

1.3 Personas

Using our affinity diagram we created 4 personas


2.1 Sprint Map

Looking at the current upload process map I saw there was alot of rooms for improvement specifically in content generation and review.

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2.2 Sketching and Ideas

I started by generating quick ideas based on the question ''How Might We...'' provide teachers with relevent information to create content more people will enjoy?

ColtenSturlaugson_Crazy8’s_Redone_Week4 1

Drawing from my sketches, I took a look at the sprint map and identified a new flow for delivering content that would help generate higher quality content.

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2.3 Wireframes and Mockups

Based on our information architecture, I sketched potential wire-frames as a team. To quickly test our concept, multiple iterations were explored and were mocked up in Sketch. Different designs were presented and critiqued by peers before doing usability tests.

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 This is an overview of the wireframes created for inspiration and design

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Today tab focuses on providing teachers with connection to the Insight Timer Listeners by seeing what is currently trending or popular on the app.

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Trends tab focuses on providing teachers ingformation gathered from users specifically listening to their  content

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Me Page

Upload Process

Revamping the upload process by providing teachers with tools to create better content.  This includes music and photo libraries they can use in their sessions.

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3.1 Usability Testing Results

Using the above screens we ran 5 seperate usability tests parsed into favorable and unfavorable experiences.

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4.1 Final Prototype 

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